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Inauguration of Goreh-Jask Crude Oil Transfer Project

President Hassan Rouhani inaugurated the national crude oil transfer project from Goreh to Jask in the Persian Gulf via video conference on 22 july 2021.

The crude oil transfer line from Goreh to jask , for the first time in the Iranian history ,enables the export of oil without the need to cross the strait of Hormuz.

In its first phase, the project has a capacity of 300,000 barrels of oil per day.President Rouhani termed the mega project as an honor for the Iranian oil industry and said lapse of time will reveal the significance of the project even more.

The Goreh-jask oil transfer project is currently the largest project in Iran's oil industry .Production of transmission valves ,electric pumps, laying a thousand kilometers of pipeline along with the construction of storage tanks, terminals and the single point mooring(SPM) in Jask port using domestic capacities shows the national determination for completing this great and strategic project.

GNEC is responsible for consultancy and supervision services in the project.